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The Endeavor Projex Story

Walter Aeschliman was born in 1927. He grew up during the Great Depression and dropped out of high school to feed his family. He married young and started his own successful construction company in the Indianapolis area. My dad, Troy Aeschliman was born in 1965 as the last of Walter’s four children. 


“We received the best services we could hope for!”

Troy Aeschliman grew up with independence from a young age, along with responsibilities that involved taking care of rental properties, the many acres of farmland, and school. Troy Aeschliman then started his own construction company after playing division 1 baseball for Purdue and working with his brother in the summers.

Troy’s construction company was successful as he learned the fundamentals of a blue collar business with trustworthy sub contractors and upfront communication with clients.

Endeavor Projex’s founder Seth Aeschliman was born in 2002 and was raised in the same environment as his father. He was given many responsibilities from a young age that also granted him independence and forward thinking.

Seth Aeschliman, owner of Endeavor Projex. Has a family name cemented in blue collar work with over 100 years of experience. Seth grew up under the roof of Troy Aeschliman, a successful owner of a construction company in Indiana. And Patrea Aeschliman who came from a small town in Iowa and became a D1 gymnast and a Pilates trailblazer throughout the world. 

Seth implements this hardworking, grit and grind mentality in all steps of Endeavor Projex. What separates Endeavor Projex from other company’s is that we truly go above and beyond. We communicate at every step of the project. We are quick to respond, quick to quote, and quick to complete jobs. We service our clients with quality, professionalism, honor, and trust. Our reputation speaks for ourselves as we have a great and supportive clientele from Mooresville and surrounding cities.